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Union, WA


It is my quest in life to always challenge myself, never getting too comfortable with what I know. This keeps my mind alert, alive, and ever growing. I love learning and working with a variety of art mediums and subject matters. Art is both my play and the study of my world.

Im a former middle school teacher,with an art and science degree from the Evergreen State College. Evergreen is a public liberal arts college and was formed to be an experimental and non-traditional college in 1967. It is my Evergreen background that has benefited my thinking and brainstorming ideas that may be a little out of the box. I continue my love of teaching, by teaching both adults and home school students at my home. I have won many awards for my art, including a best of show and people's choice, and have sold my art throughout the country. I have also become an environmental activist; caring deeply about the condition of essential elements of life, such as drinking water and air; the conditions of these for future generations to drink and breathe without risking health. I currently teach a short class about aquifers. Spending time with my wonderful husband, Mark, our three adult children and seven grandchildren, is my other passion.

I paint both realistically and abstract; mostly loving exaggeration of colors, value, and use of textures. Colors in a painting are like spices in food. Many of my art pieces are done in acrylics or pastels, but I love to vary my mediums and to mix them. I've been currently doing more mixed media.

Photography is also my passion. There isn't a time that we travel that I am not spending most of my time taking pictures, I sometime use my photos for reference pictures for my paintings and my teachings. It is so much fun spending time altering some of my photos to paint. The sky is the limit!

I also make jewelry. It gives me an opportunity to work with the beautiful rocks and stones that I so dearly loved to bust open in my driveway as a child. I am intrigued with the colors and textures of stones. Collecting rocks is a hobby.

I grew up in Shelton, WA. and presently live in Union; near the beautifully inspirational Hood Canal at the foothills of the Olympic Mountain Range. Although I love venturing outside the area, I always love returning home.


Photographs and paintings Mason County Washington

Photograph of Still Lifes

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Paintings of landscapes

Photography of Landscapes

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Photographs of Flowers and Plants

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Photographs of People

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Photography of Animals

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